Код ошибки 4c7 в Microsoft Teams

Teams код ошибки 4c7

1. Enable Forms Authentication

When the authentication fails, you’ll receive the error message as described below:

Modern authentication failed here, but you’ll still be able to sign in. Your status code is 4c7.

And if you check the logs, you may see information similar to the following:

DateTime< 7124> — info — SSO: SSO requires credential. Status: caa10001. Attempting windows auth.
DateTime< 7124> — info — SSO requires credential. Status: caa10001. Attempting windows auth. diag:1
DateTime<7124> — info — SSO: (Non domain joined) No user present. Status: 3399548929
DateTime<7124> — error — SSO: ssoerr – (status) Unable to get errCode. Err:Error: ADAL error: 0xCAA10001SSO: ssoerr – (status) Unable to get errorDesc. Err:Error: ADAL error: 0xCAA10001

According to Microsoft, this error occurs because Microsoft Teams requires Forms Authentication. When you deploy AD FS, Forms Authentication is not enabled for the intranet by default.

Form-based authentication is a term of art in the context of Web and Internet-based online networked computer systems. In general, it refers to the notion of a user being presented with an editable “form” to fill in and submit in order to log into some system or service.

The advantage of form authentication is that users do not have to be a member of a domain-based network to have access to your application. So the number of web applications uses the form of authentication in their web application.

If Windows Integrated Authentication fails, you are prompted to sign in by using Forms Authentication.

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