Код ошибки 0x80070520 в Магазине Windows: как исправить

Teams код ошибки 80070520

Run troubleshooter

Clean Windows Store cache

Clean Windows Store cache

Use an elevated Command Prompt to re-register apps

Reinstall Windows Store app

Reinstall Windows Store app

If the problem is directly related to Windows Store and its apps, we would recommend you to uninstall Windows Store and reinstall it using PowerShell.

NOTE: make sure to enter all PowerShell scripts correctly:

Reinstall Windows Store app

Rename the Windows Store Cache folder

According to some people, they managed to fix 0x80070520 error by renaming the Windows Store Cache folder. That's a very likely fix since this bug may be related to damaged Windows store cache. Usually, the error Windows Store Cache may be damaged error is reported to Windows 10 users when they run a scan with Windows Troubleshooter. Even if you ran Windows App Troubleshooter, but it detected no issues, try the following fix anyway:

Rename Cache folder

Note: replace the C: with the letter of your root drive and with your user account name.

Reset your PC

In case you cannot log in to Xbox, update apps or Windows system because of 0x80070520 error, try to use Reset this PC function.

IMPORTANT: resetting does not affect your files unless you select otherwise.


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https://ugetfix. com/ask/how-to-fix-error-code-0x80070520-on-windows-10/

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